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The ultimate spring cleaning solution: The power of the pressure washer

spring cleaning season is coming around the corner. why not hire professionals to pressure wash your deck or driveway. This image here shows a line where on one side it is pressure washed and on the other side it is dirty. that is how big of a difference hiring someone like GWP to pressure wash for you. One major benefit of hiring GWP will be because we have commercial grade pressure washers to get every last bit of moss out of the cracks of your driveway. When hiring GWP it is a small price to pay now instead of having to make a major payment for a new deck/driveway. Pressure washing is a type of preventative activity to prevent your house from losing value because no one likes to see moss on your driveway or deck.

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Having moss on your driveway is also a safety hazard it damages the concrete and can cause you to slip and fall. In western Washington springtime is the rainy season and when moss gets wet it is very dangerous. It can cause all types of people to slip and fall and get hurt. One thing that we can promise is to get all of the moss off of your driveway when you pay us to clean it. Sometimes we even treat the driveway with our industrial grade moss killing solution that we use on our roof cleanings and that makes the driveway sparkle.